─ un désir.
─ un désir.
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i love them more than i like you

You’ve really worked hard,haven’t you?

Motives for war are of no concern. Religion, ideology, resources, land, grudges, love, or just because… No matter how pathetic the reason, it’s enough to start a war. War will never cease to exist… Reasons can be thought up after the fact. Human nature pursues strife.

Tokyo Ghoul Ep 3 // U T A  

Day Six of camping in Florence, Oregon! I’ve kept updated on my Twitter, but I took a panorama and it wouldn’t upload properly.. So here ya’ go.

In the first pano, that’s my dad, little-big brother and mom from left to right. The sand dunes are actually really tall and a BITCH to climb up.

I sand board down (which is like snow boarding but on sand) and it’s way better but just too short..

The second and third should go side-by-side more or less.. I tried. Seriously. Walking up these dunes is NOT fun. They should invest in a ski-lift or something.

The river is absolutely gorgeous and you’d have to be here to see it. It’s actually bigger but I was way too tired to even move to take a good shot of it.

But, hey, the sunset up here? When the sky is all pink? Beautiful. Today is my last day camping as I will be heading home tomorrow.. I’m glad. I’m far too exhausted and I actually have a fever now from all this strenuous activities.

My entire body is so sore, I feel like I fell off a mountain (actually just face planting into the sand, but y’know..)

Ugh.. And a couple days later we’re going to another over-night camp.. But at least my aunt is letting us use her RV!

Who is that inside of me?



You're a little different than our setter. Our setter is a little more... intense

IF YOU LOSE YOURSELF, your courage soon will follow - so be strong tonight. Remember who you are.


Tokyo Ghoul ending cards


"The threat has brought them from across the world…the time has come for us to stand together. Whatever we were before, we are now the Inquisition.” {x}

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